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Fixing Instructions

MK2 & MK5
These units are supplied with the rooflights already fixed to the kerb as standard, separately on request.

To fix the kerb, seat the bottom flange on the roof deck or roof supporting member, with a bead of good proprietary mastic under the bottom flange. Secure with 60mm x 10g nickel plated wood screws, 6mm roofing bolts or similar fasteners, located approximately 100mm from each corner and approximately 450mm centres (these fixings are not supplied). When fixing kerbs to concrete, insert 60mm rawl plugs or similar, again 100m from each corner and at 450mm intervals and secure with plated wood screws. Felt or asphalt roof covering should be taken up the sides of the kerb to the underside of top flange. These kerbs are suitable for other types of roof covering, e.g. Trocol. Contact our Technical Department for further information.

N.B. Glassfibre kerbs have textured surface which provides and adequate key for asphalt. Metal kerbs should have expanded metal fixed to give a key when used in conjunction with asphalt (supplied already fixed on request).

Adapter Kerbs with Weather Drip
A 40mm wide neoprene foam is supplied separately with the unit, and should be laid on top of the existing kerb. The adaptor kerb should then be seated on top of this, fixing holes drilled, 8mm, and securely fixed down using the screws or bolts, with the sela caps and washers. Clean swarf off after drilling the kerb, otherwise it will cause staining.

Both the Mk1 and Mk3 rooflights are supplied with the foam weatherstrip. Lay the rooflight on the kerb and mark the position of the fixing holes, ideally these should be 100mm from the corner and at 450mm centres. Drill a 8mm hole in the plastic, it is advisable not to use a new drill bit. Fix as shown in diagram.

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